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property management We make the difference between good property management and a bad experience. If you need help with your property, Contact LUX.

LUX REALTY LLC will provide the care you deserve. From Private Home management, Townhouse management, Mid-rise and High-rise Residential management to Retail center, commercial and Office building management.

No fancy websites or confusing apps, just a small family owned property management business with professional property managers who are dedicated to providing you the best property management service.

It is our aim to be the number 1 property management company in new york city and by providing new york real estate investors in NYC a reliable property manager that they can count on for all of their maintenance needs.

Are you an investor of a west village brownstone in NY or you just had to rent your condominium in midtown NYC for some reason? Reality is that repairs do come up, and the last thing you need to worry about while you are renting your property is who you should call with an emergency or a needed repair.

That is where we come in, our experienced property managers will relieve you from having to worry about dealing with the daily issues of a rental property.

We will be the tenants first point of contact and will make sure all repairs and issues are dealt with in a timely and less costly manner.

Lux Property management has a dedicated group of skilled tradesmen in house who can deal with these day to day issues, a backed up drain, broken air conditioning unit, not having heat and hot water.

Our managers only use licensed and insured contractors, so you are guaranteed to receive quality service.