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About Lux Realty Management

Lux Realty LLCis a full-service New York property management company with a comprehensive bundle of services that meets the most demanding needs of any type or any size property. We manage homeowner associations, Condominium Associations, Cooperatives, luxury Town homes, high-rises and commercial properties.

Our mission is to meet each property’s requirements, provide unparalleled service and maintain and enhance its value. We work alongside the board of directors and landlords in meeting their objectives.

Our Emphasis on Value and Client Satisfaction

All of our managed properties are assigned an experienced and dedicated professional property manager, who works closely with our clients to achieve the highest standards.

At Lux Realty LLC we see our clients’ interests as a combination of these management-related points of view:

  • Staffing, maintaining and operating the building and its systems
  • Maintain a positive quality of life in the building and accommodation of the diverse interests of the individual resident owners.

Lux Realty LLC’s Philosophy – A Customized Approach to your needs

Lux Realty LLC Property Management’s philosophy is to operate each property from a Condominium Association and owner’s perspective, with an acute awareness of the goals and needs of residents and users. We offer outstanding customer service that opens up communication among all parties and the result is maximized efficiency of doing business, which in turn relates to highly maximized profits for all of our clients. Our outstanding commitment to our clients whether they are individual local Property Owners or entire Condominium Associations, has earned us a highly accredited reputation in our industry.

Lux Realty LLC’s Differentiator – Proactive Management Approach

For many years, Lux Property Management NJ has been serving New York and its surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on management services that focus on protecting your investment and maximizing your return. Under the direction of dedicated team leaders, Lux Realty Property Management NY professionals focus on problem prevention rather than problem resolution. Such a philosophy has distinguished us from the other property management companies, resulting in the maximization of asset value and increased levels of comfort, service and resident retention in our clients’ properties.

Therefor choosing Lux Property Management NY is an investment in your property’s future.

Lux is more than Just a Property Manager

With Lux Property Management Company, you have a team, not just a single property manager. Each property manager receives direct supports from both the regional manager and the President of Lux Realty LLC that is actively involved in the day-to-day affairs of each association and property. Board member and unit owners alike are encouraged to contact the President of Lux Property Management with any questions or concerns they may have.