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Property Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance

Property Maintenance and Preventative

Lux service benefits

  • Lux property management can provide state of the art key-less entry systems to protect your home and guests
  • On-call, after hours response staff guarantees your investment is taken care of 24 hours a day
  • Specialized consultation and organization of any home improvement or remodeling projects
  • Exceptional Janitorial, housekeeping and maintenance services to preserve and extend the value of your home
  • Monthly owners’ e-mail newsletter to alert you of any changes or improvements in our services
  • Accountability and integrity, demonstrated by the ‘Annual Inspection & Report’ to owners
  • Lux Realty real estate management company can also prepare monthly owner statements and year-end tax reporting documents
  • The option for property management and second home care only

Lux Pays for Itself

At Lux we enhance your investment in your building, we’ve made significant investments in our staff, operations and facilities. We take pride in our own properties, just like we take pride in yours. Continuous improvement, ongoing training and education are what we’re all about. The continuity and depth of expertise of our staff provides you with consistent, high quality service. Best of all, you know what to expect from us. Not just good service, but excellent service that will pay for itself over time.

At Lux Realty LLC we know the importance of regular and preventive maintenance, and we believe they are dependent on systematic building inspections and scheduled procedures.

Complete inspections of the building, its systems, equipment, and outside areas are performed periodically and a log is kept by the Lux Resident Manager. Lux Realty property management staff will schedule seasonal inspection to reduce the cost of maintenance and identify potential problems at the earliest moment.

We urge our clients to maintain their buildings and mechanical systems in top working order. At Lux Realty Real estate management we believe that there are no savings in deferred maintenance and that preventive maintenance is not only less expensive in the long run, but assists in avoiding the disruptions and hazards of structural or equipment failure.

Lux Realty’s purchasing services are the most advanced and cost-effective currently available. Our purchasing system provides substantial savings that are not available to individual buildings. We pre-negotiate bulk rate discounts from vendors, on a per-unit basis, on behalf of buildings in our management portfolio. Thus, each building benefits from the strength that comes from purchasing for multiple residential and commercial properties. Each purchase order is posted on our computer system for easy review. We are able to maintain quality throughout while reducing costs.

The principals of Lux Realty have formed a strategic alliance with multiple insurance brokers, some of the top insurance brokerage firms in the United States. This allows buildings to purchase liability insurance at significant discounts and for higher coverage than is typically available for individual buildings acting on their own. In addition to liability, directors and officers insurance, and casualty insurance, our management company can also obtain competitive property, boiler, and workers compensation insurance.