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Staffing, Training, Relations with Resident Owners

Property management NYC

At Lux Realty, we pride ourselves on the unique and comprehensive screening and testing procedures used to identify and hire the best candidates at every level of our organization. We are able to develop a sophisticated profile of each candidate and determine that candidate’s inherent ability and aptitude for property management.

The ultimate product of successful property management is the satisfaction of resident owners. Our management team and staff know that prompt, caring and careful service, courteously delivered, is the basic ingredient of good client relations. Ours is a service business, in which success depends on effective communication with the client in both directions. We encourage our staff to view complaints as opportunities, no matter how they may appear, we know that every complaint made is serious to those who make them and must be handled accordingly.

Management Transition
The residential management professionals of Lux Realty make every effort to ensure a smooth, seamless transition from the previous management company. Our experienced specialists in this complex process will address staffing, financial, insurance, maintenance, purchasing and other important issues. Regular meetings are held with the Board or Landlord to arrange the transfer of such important data as contracts, financial statements and personnel records.

As New Yorks one and only Luxury property management company, our experience equips us to complete the transition and assume responsibility quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruption to the property and its resident owners.